Of Buses and Streetcars


The image above shows West York Coach Lines buses #34 and #10 wait to enter service at their garage, with rollsigns bearing EILEEN exposures. This photo is by James Victor Salmon, and is courtesy the Toronto Public Library.

While the blog has been relatively quiet, there has been progress on other fronts. On Transit Toronto, I managed to write up two significant new articles. One is on the largely forgotten independent bus networks that predated the Toronto Transit Commission in Toronto’s suburbs before 1954. The bulk of the article came from a series of reports written by consultant Norman Wilson in 1952, ahead of the planned takeover, and which were stored in Toronto’s Central Reference Library. I also had a lot of help from Robert Mackenzie and Pete Coulman who provided further materials and photographs to illustrate the article. I’m quite pleased about it.

And with the TTC announcing the launch of a new streetcar route this June, of course I had to write up a page about it on the site. The 514 CHERRY route will begin operation on June 19, 2016, offering new service into the West Don Lands, and along the busiest section of King Street. The bulk of the article discusses the history and transformation of the routes the new line is passing through, and I greatly appreciate the help Steve Munro provided, correcting mistakes, and supplying photographs.

As for the Kitchener Post, my column continues, with the dog making an appearance. I also talked about children’s television, the change to Daylight Savings Time, and the Union-Pearson Express.

I’m also hard at work on another round of edits for Icarus Down, though we’ve narrowed the number of revisions we need, and should be heading into the copy edit process shortly. There’s always something that can be improved.

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