Happiness is a Cold Nose


Especially for the kids after the dog sniffs Erin in the morning when she’s not wearing pants.

Spring has finally arrived, with some sunny days and some April showers. As I said before, we cleaned out the yard on Earth Day, and had about a dozen bags of yard waste out to be composted today. The place looks pretty good.

Erin’s writing shed landed her on the front page of our local newspaper’s Local section this morning, which is always nice to see. As for me, Icarus Down continues to gear up. I hope to be getting first pass pages soon, and more references to the novel are appearing online. It’s feeling more real by the second.

On the other writing front, there’s little to report on Transit Toronto beyond new photographs. I did write up a history of Spadina subway station, however.

And the column for the Kitchener Post, with a piece on my getting older, why amalgamation isn’t such a good idea for Waterloo Region, the importance of rural transit and what’s wrong with the Mount Pleasant community in Brampton.

Not much else to report here, other than I’m enjoying the warmer weather and Luna likes to walk.

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