I am grateful that publishers let you take two pages out of a published book to say something short and sweet about someone important in your life. All of my published books have received dedications. Vivian got her’s with Fathom Five and Nora got her’s with The Young City. Both had been born not too long before the publication of each book, respectively, so it made sense.

I am very proud of the dedication I put together for The Unwritten Girl, where I told the publisher to write “Dedication: You Know Who You Are”. Not only did this acknowledge the many people who’d helped me put my first published novel together, it fit the book’s meta-fiction theme, and gave the appearance of the book speaking out to the reader.

With Icarus Down, it was Erin’s turn. She was overdue a direct dedication and I wanted to acknowledge her considerable help and support as I put together the book. And, in recognition of the both of us having written post-apocalyptic novels (or, in my case, post-post-apocalyptic), not to mention Erin’s physics background, I thought this was appropriate.

As a fellow world-destroyer, Erin, I salute you!

The picture above shows one page of the first pass pages of Icarus Down, which arrived by e-mail on Thursday. I printed them off and have started looking through for typosred pen poised. Scholastic Canada’s highly professional copy-editors are already doing the same thing, but I think this stage is important for the author’s piece of mind. With each typo you slay, the more confident you get that the book is going forward without them.

I have to work fast, though. The formal release date is August 30th, and there will be advance copies needed before then…

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