The Blue Fireman

We went to Fireside Restaurant Saturday. This is a restaurant located next door to a fire station, and so it has fire-fighting-themed children’s menus. Unfortunately, they don’t change these menus very often, and my kids are now bored with them. Fortunately, the food comes quickly, here.

As Nora wasn’t very interested with her menu, I decided to take a crayon and colour things in. She immediately questioned why I was colouring the fireman blue.


“That’s not a fireman,” I said, “That’s a waterman.”

Nora gives me a skeptical look as only she can. “What’s a waterman?!”

“It’s a man who fights water with fire!”

The skeptical look increases.

“They help fight floods. They use flame throwers to boil the water away.”

Nora clearly thinks I shouldn’t be allowed within ten metres of a disaster management office.

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