It’s been a hot summer this year. One good thing about a long heat-wave, though, is that your body seems to climatize to it after a while. As long as you have a refuge to go to, of course. I’ve been walking the dogs regularly (Luna, and Molly, whenever she visits), and the heat hasn’t been too onerous.

It also helps to have a reference point for “really hot”, to whit, the inside of my car after it’s been in a parking lot after a while. Do not, ever, keep kids or pets inside on these days. It goes without saying.

It’s also meant for some interesting storms. We had a few blow through while we were visiting the Boardwalk shopping area this past Thursday. The clouds got ominously dark, there was thunder, and then somebody above us just turned on the taps. I got wet walking to the car, and the kids and Erin got wet walking a few doors down to the nearest Staples for school supplies. The downburst barely lasted five minutes, however, before it was past. Once it was past, with the sun behind me, I had an opportunity to take these pictures

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