Home Improvement


Now that we have a house that we intend to live in for the next few decades, we’ve been gathering up home improvement projects. While, in theory, we have plenty of time to do these, we still want to move on some of these improvements sooner rather than later. After all, we have to live in this house for the next few decades, so we should like it.

This picture is one such home improvement project. The lower bathroom needed sprucing up, as it had furniture and wallpaper that wasn’t to our taste. And while this is probably not to everybody’s taste (hey, we’re not here to sell this place, we’re here to live in it!), this is what we came up with.

My mother-in-law Rosemarie invested in some high-quality blank white wallpaper. We then laid them out on the lawn and she, Erin and the kids performed a Jackson Pollock performance. Leaving these to dry overnight, we then (with a lot of help from grandpa Michael) applied the highly colourful sheets to the bathroom walls. The effect is striking, to say the least, and the kids love the fact that they got to decorate an important room in our house.


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