Airplanes Over Airport Road


During Wendell and Judy’s visit, Judy had to change her plans and leave sooner than she’d expected. Fortunately, we were able to arrange a flight out from Pearson that day and not too expensively. We packed up and I drove her to the airport. Wendell came along too to see her off, though he was staying one more day.

On our way back, Wendell and I stopped for dinner, to let some of the rush hour traffic ease. We found a place off of Airport Road in Mississauga called the Airport Gate Steak and Grill (the food was okay, and the restaurant was practically empty, but as it was open twenty-four hours, I suspect the place is something of an overnight institution…). It just happened to be on the flight path into one of the runways at Pearson, so planes were coming into land pretty much constantly.

I tried taking a bunch of shots of this location back during my Airport Road trek, but the winds weren’t favourable. So, after dinner, I stuck around briefly to snap some of these pictures of planes coming low. You can see my work here

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