The Hammer in Slow Motion

Kitchen renovations are happening apace. We’ve still in the demolition phase, and have hauled 130 kilograms of material to the dump over the first two days. We’ve been rushing to have the place cleaned out so that the floor people will have a fresh space to lay down new flooring.

It’s hard work, but somewhat satisfying, as you can see from the video above. When I realized that my father was going to wield a sledgehammer, I thought that this was a good time for my iPhone’s slo-mo video setting.

Thanks again to all the grandparents: Pat and Eric for moving kitchen supplies into the back room, demolition work and hauling stuff to the dump, and to Rosemarie and Michael for their vital design advice, and saving our bacon by lending us their contractor for a plumbing job that couldn’t wait. More work beckons, including painting and hammering, and a licensed electrician will be looking at closely at some of the more interesting things we’ve found, but I feel like it’s going to look great. And we’ve saved ourselves a chunk of change by doing a good chunk of this ourselves.

More pictures of the work in progress can be seen here

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