End of Summer and First Day of School


Summer is “over and gone”, as the crickets say in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web (or, at least, as Erin tells me). The kids went back to school yesterday. Both were excited — Vivian moreso than Nora, but both put on the most fabulous clothes they could and excitedly organized their lunch before trooping off. And it wasn’t long before Nora found her circle of friends and chatted away.

The day before that, my parents took the kids and I to the Paris Fall Fair, something which has become a family tradition. Much as I fondly remember my visits to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, the Paris Fair is easier for me to take as an adult. It’s closer and isn’t as packed with people, though it still has a lot of things to do. It also has more of the agricultural fair flavour that I’ve come to appreciate in recent years. We made sure to tour the prize pavilion, where people submitted art, flower arrangements, needlework and most anything for judging. I couldn’t help but notice that Vivian eyed some of the art appreciatively. I think she could do well at a competition such as this.

Vivian is now in grade six and Nora is in grade three. This will be Vivian’s last year at her current school, as she heads onto a different junior high next. I’ll miss the current school and having it so close to hand, but life is change, and this is what it looks like.


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