It's the Little Things that Count...

My latest column for The Kitchener Post is now out, and you can read it here.

A sample:

Don’t be afraid to ask for better service

In commuting, as with everything else, little things make a big difference.

Earlier this month, Metrolinx launched its expanded train service between Kitchener and Toronto’s Union Station.

Two new inbound trains were added in the morning, and two return trains were added in the afternoon. This combined with express buses to Bramalea every hour on weekdays mean more options for getting around the Greater Toronto Area.

But there was one frustration. One of the four inbound trains operates express between Bramalea and Union, chopping twelve minutes off of the travel time. It departs Kitchener station at 6:04 a.m.

Initially, Grand River Transit’s first 204 iXpress bus of the day was scheduled to arrive at Victoria and Weber at 6:06 a.m.

This was frustrating, because it meant that if I wanted to take the 6:04 train without driving to the station, I’d have to take a taxi.

I expressed my frustration through the customer comments form at Grand River Transit’s home page ( To my surprise, a GRT representative called me back a couple of days later.

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