Winter is Coming

This blog has been on hiatus these past three weeks. My mother has been diagnosed with medical issues that I’ve gone into more detail with over on Facebook, and I don’t want to say more here, even though the readership here is probably smaller, and most people reading this have already probably read things on my Facebook timeline. But, suffice it to say, I haven’t had the desire to write anything here. It just didn’t feel right.

In the midst of everything this past month, however, I have been writing. I finished another non-fiction assignment late last week and, more happily, I gave a presentation to high school students at Montcalm Secondary School in London, Ontario. It was the first such presentation I’d given in years, and I was nervous about giving it after so long away. Fortunately, the students were kind, listened attentively, and asked lots of questions. There was a great vibe in the air, and it felt good to talk to them and share my experiences with them. So, thanks again to the teachers and students at Montcalm Secondary School for making me feel so welcome. Hopefully, more such presentations are in my future.

As for my immediate future, I am trying to get back into writing. My columns for the Kitchener Post are continuing, and I have a couple of other projects on the go. Perhaps I’ll be getting back onto my feet as far as this blog is concerned as well. We’ll see as the days go on.

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