My mother passed away earlier this evening.

On November 15, while visiting Toronto, I got a call from my father. I was in the subway at the time, so the call went directly to my voicemail. Picking it up, it was him crying, from the hospital. My mother, who had been dealing with strange blood clots in her legs, had accidentally taken a double dose of her anti-clotting medication and so checked herself into hospital. The nurses and doctors were good natured, saying that she was worrying about nothing. However, she also advised them of a pain she’d been having in her back, and feeling that, this did worry them.

She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that afternoon. We had no idea, and probably wouldn’t have known for a while without this accidental diagnosis. In some ways, this was a blessing, as it gave us time to prepare. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a long time. The pancreatic cancer threw strokes, and my mother’s condition deteriorated rapidly.

We were able to arrange palliative care at home, and so my mother died peacefully, visited by her siblings and her grandchildren. And for that, at least, I’m grateful. Inasmuch as one can be grateful about something like this.

This is a sad time, and it may be for a while. We also have work to do. There will be details about the memorial to come. For now, I just want to say that I miss my mother very much, and to thank everybody who sent their kind thoughts and prayers and support.

Winter is here. But spring will come, eventually.

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