It's important to stand up for the truth

My latest column for the Kitchener Post

It’s important to stand up for the truth

Trump may not be our president, but his influence on everybody’s lives cannot be denied.

Events over this past weekend have given me a lot to think about regarding the nature of truth and the importance of speaking out.

Simply from viewing his activity on Twitter, Donald Trump has built a reputation of being a deeply egotistical individual who cares about the pettiest things.

For example, on Friday, only around a quarter million people attended Trump’s inauguration in Washington.

It may seem odd to say “only” about 250,000 people, but it was lower than the number of people who showed up for Obama’s inauguration, and it was dwarfed by the number of protestors who came out for the Women’s March on Washington.

And when photos showing the differences between the events surfaced on Facebook and Twitter, the Trump administration could not let this stand.

Press secretary Sean Spicer held a conference where he accused the media of “under reporting” the numbers of attendees, and even showing unflattering photographs that were somehow inaccurate.

Then Spicer made one whopper of a statement when he said that Friday’s inauguration was the, “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period.”

The thing is, he’s wrong. He is verifiably wrong. We have the photographic evidence, and we have the eyewitnesses.

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Here are some other things I’ve also written in the past couple of months:

I’ve also been given another non-fiction writing assignment, and am working on the outline for it now. The manuscript is due in March. It’s good to be writing.

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