The Night Girl - My Fifth Published Novel

The video above is Toronto Tempo, by Ryan Emond, shared from YouTube.

This hasn’t been officially announced, yet, but my editors at REUTS Publishing have told me that I’m free to make this announcement and do a bit of a happiness dance, so here goes:

I am pleased to announce that my first non-YA (actually NA) fantasy novel, The Night Girl, has been accepted for publication by the American press REUTS Publishing. These are the same individuals who have produced J.M. Frey’s Accidental Turn Series, including The Untold Tale and The Forgotten Tale.

Those of you who have been following my blog know that The Night Girl has been in development for over a decade. One of the first posts I wrote about it was in July 2003. It took me a little while to figure out how the story should work and, more importantly, that it wasn’t young adult. This is a story where Bellweather and The Office meets The War for the Oaks. It’s a story about a young woman’s first career job, her first apartment, her first step away from college, not high school. It shares themes of my earlier books about finding your identity, and it’s a love letter to the City of Toronto, as well as commentary about my home town’s ongoing subway debate.

REUTS Publishing is a good fit for The Night Girl. They’ve produced a number of offbeat fantasy and science fiction titles about coping in an office environment while being supernatural, and I’m excited to be bringing out this story in its final form with this publisher.

That’s all the details I have so far. More will come from Reuts, when they make their official announcement. So, look for more details about the unusual adventures of Perpetual Collins and her work colleagues, coming soon.

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