Found on a Box Containing an Inner Tube

Okay, let's see if we can parse the instructions below, shall we?


Okay, going from left to right, top row down...


Giants will always win against dwarfs!

Wave at people staring at you from the shore!

Read a good book!

Buy a really heavy flask!

Take off your hat, drop 100% wooden arrows down your neck, and pee freely!

Float out and grab the flag twenty meters away!

Poke your belly-button!

Mobiles should be placid while you relax!

Shake your mobile!

Don't! (Just don't!)

The first nine Tintins are not allowed to use this innertube.

X marks the spot where you wave at the sock.

X marks the spot where you sail away from the tree.

X marks the tsunami!

X marks the British Columbia wilderness!

We live a short life. Anytime now, a truck with its headlights on will be right behind you. And the headlights will be 38 centimeters apart.

This was the inner tube, incidentally, bought for ten dollars as part of Vivian's invention project.


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