A sign that one of my fiction projects is coming together is when I end up gathering a decent “soundtrack album” for it. With the exception of The Young City, every one of my published works was written to a soundtrack of songs that fit the mood of the story I was writing. I’ve already talked about how I’m indebted to the Quebec singer Jorane for the music I played for Fathom Five and The Dream Kings Daughter, and I have to thank Cameron Dixon for introducing me to Zoe Keating, whose music dominates the soundtrack to Icarus Down.

I now have decent soundtracks to both The Sun Runners and to The Curator of Forgotten Things, and it’s interesting comparing the two. The Sun Runners is dark and angry, and its tunes are sung by Lana Del Rey, Woodkid (thanks to Andrew Flint for pointing me his way), MS MR and Zella Day. They match a story that is more action oriented and explosive. Whereas The Curator of Forgotten Things

It’s dark too, in some ways, but it’s more melancholy. The tunes are softer, and some take on the theme of giving ourselves over to the computer. I’m including a list below; it is a work in progress:

  1. Deeper Understanding, by Kate Bush, The Sensual World
  2. Elephant, by Hannah Georgas
  3. Immune, by Groenland, The Chase
  4. From Darkness, Light: III Prelude, by Emily Howell
  5. Arsonist’s Lullaby, by Hozier, From Eden
  6. Somebody, by Hannah Georgas
  7. 26 September, by Groenland, The Chase
  8. From Eden, by Hozier
  9. Our Last Shot, by Groenland, The Chase
  10. Enemies, by Hannah Georgas
  11. It Will Come Back, by Hozier
  12. Paris or Amsterdam, by Basia Bulat, Tall Tall Shadow
  13. Criminals, by Groenland, The Chase
  14. Ode to Mom, by Hannah Georgas
  15. Hurt, by Johnny Cash, The Man Comes Around
  16. Pendant que les Champs Brulent, by Jorane, _Un Sorciere Comme les Autres**
  17. Waiting Game, by Hannah Georgas

My biggest discovery trawling for soundtrack songs was Hannah Georgas, and this video below gives you an example why…


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