Night Girl, Coming Soon...


The good people at REUTS, who are publishing my New Adult fantasy novel The Night Girl, recently debuted a completely revamped website, and as part of their celebrations, they announced their latest acquisitions. I've already announced that The Night Girl will be published by this company, but this news release makes it official, and provides one or two more details:

Winter 2018 - New Adult // A young woman comes to the big city looking for work and finds it as a secretary for an employment agency providing jobs to goblins and trolls. You could say her boss is a real troll, except he's a goblin.

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Things can still change, but Winter 2018 still sounds like this thing is coming out sooner, rather than later. I expect I will be doing some edits soon, making this ready for publication. Then, of course, comes the promotion. Gotta start making plans! Gotta start making plans!

I will, I hope, get to use this map as part of the promotion...

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