We're going to Nashville! Nashville! Nashville, Tennessee! We're going to Nashville!


Erin snapped the photo above. Didn’t ask what the tornado on sale was. She regrets not doing so.

I’m writing this in a motel room in Nashville. Daughter the Elder is kind of disgusted by the, shall we say, inexpensive accommodations, but it’s a perfectly serviceable place to sleep. It also has a surprisingly excellent outdoor pool.

And it’s packed! Totally and completely. We were, frankly, lucky to get this place for $80 per night when I booked it eight weeks ago. Someone here from Baltimore booked a room six months ago for $60, and he noticed someone else paying upwards of $200 for a room today.

We are heading out Monday afternoon. I had planned to stay overnight in Nashville, but as decent as the motel has been in terms of its service, they still assigned me a smoker’s room. And it seems that the hotels had been anticipating a flood of people tomorrow, and aren’t getting it, so we’ve lucked into a room in downtown Louisville. The executive suite normally sells for $313 per night, and we’re getting it for half price. It’ll be nice to be pampered.

There’s been a lot of driving on this trip, but we did see some beautiful cityscapes. Cincinnati pushed us off our Interstate as the one Interstate bridge over the Ohio River was at a standstill over construction, and I convinced Google Maps to find me an alternate that took me through the city’s downtown. Cincinnati has some interesting things going on, with rugged terrain, some run down areas, but a pretty built-up and invested-in downtown. And we were impressed by Louisville, which is so full of trees, and gave us a fantastic fried chicken lunch. We also saw more than a few “Welcome Immigrants/Refugees” and even a “Ditch Mitch (McConnell)”. Not something I would expect from the red state of Kentucky.

Now it’s time to sleep, and see the lights go out all over the city of Nashville tomorrow…

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