Unboxing my Aurora Award


When I told my folks about Icarus Down winning the Aurora Award for Best YA, my father-in-law Michael asked that there was a trophy. I said that there was and he talked about it in terms of like a sports trophy, with a cup, or a player holding a book. It was all in good fun, but it did give me a bit of a revelation: writers trophies are not shaped like sports trophies. There’s no cup to drink champagne out of. On the contrary: writers’ awards, if they are trophies, are shaped like bookends.

Which is appropriate. And an inducement to get more awards. Since, after all, how else are we going to manage all of the books we buy?

But, seriously, the Prix Aurora Awards trophy is a wonderful work of art, and it arrived earlier this month thanks to the efforts of the awards’ administrator Clifford Samuels. Erin kindly took some photographs while I unboxed it:


The package arrives well padded, in a box.


Included in the box is the winner’s envelope and a nice note.


And the winner is… (which I’m told was read out at HalCon by author guest of honour Tamora Pierce, which I’m extra chuffed about.)


The Prix Aurora Awards also offers a very nice pin, which I now have in my computer bag.

And the award itself is above. A very fine piece of art, and one which I am proud to display on my shelf. Thanks again to the organizers of the Prix Aurora Awards for making this possible, and congratulations again to all the winners and the nominees.

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