Halloween 2017


Today’s Halloween was quieter than years past. I only had one bowl of chocolate eyes to give out instead of two and, unlike last year, we came away with it still half full. There were visitors, however, and it was good to see them. I also got a chance, this time to swap places with Erin and follow Nora as she stalked the neighbourhood, politely asking for candy.

Winter was in the air earlier that day. As I stopped to pick up dinner, it was spitting a light rain. I could see flecks of sleet on my sleeves. The wind was bitter. However, walking Nora, I’m pleased to say the weather had taken a turn for the better. It wasn’t windy, and the rain held off. It was actually quite pleasant, all the more so to hear the delighted cries of the kiddies as they went on their rounds.

It’s been a bit of a stressful week for us, between deadlines at work and at school, not to mention upcoming birthday parties to plan (with associated sleepover). There’s also the question of grim anniversaries weighing on all of us, I’m afraid. But this evening, for the first time in a long while, I felt a bit better. Winter is coming again, but maybe some of those days will offer prairie weather, with blue skies and bright snow. We can but hope.


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