Ups and Downs

Writing comes with its ups and downs.

I have been very blessed to have been able to earn enough of an income off of my writing to help support my familiy and keep a roof over our heads. And for the most part, this is a job that I enjoy. But sometimes it can be a little hard to get started at the beginning of the day, and so this blog is now providing a useful service for me to flex my fingers and get something on the page.

The Sun Runners went very well during my Circle Tour last week. I added close to 5,000 words to the manuscript, and I reaffirmed to myself that the outline that I have for the finish works, by and large. I also gained some ideas for improvements in the subsequent drafts. My earlier desire to have put "The End" on the thing during that week may have been, shall we say, optimistic. I also learned that I have quite a ways to go before the finish, and a number of complicated scenes to work out.

My non-fiction work is also going well. I have a project whose manuscript is due on Tuesday. I should be working on it now, in fact, but I am well along in it, and should have it dusted off by the weekend. Then, happily, two more non-fiction commissions are on my desk, with outlines due by the middle of June, and manuscripts due by mid-to-late July. All told, I think I now have 70 books with my name on them either published or to be published.

But there are still days where it's hard to get started, and where Facebook calls me too much to be healthy. There's stress as the household chores demand attention, and you juggle finances, and try to chase down late invoices. The slog goes on, and it wears one down after a while. Allergies aren't helping, but at least the days are beautiful.

So anyway, it's another mixed day, with good accomplishments to look back on and good things to look forward to, and stresses going and ongoing, that never seem to end. It's life, basically. Just another normal day.

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