Books 49, 50, 51, and 52

IMG_4027.jpgI have been fortunate that, for the past year or so, I've had non-fiction book projects to work on. The work-for-hire assignments piled up, sometimes threatening to overwhelm, but never completely, and these kept me busy until early May when I went on my train retreat and finally resumed work on The Sun Runners.

I really enjoy these assignments because of the challenge, the income, and the diverse subjects I get to research. One frustration has been that these work-for-hires sometimes take a while to send author copies back my way. I've had to buy some of my own copies through my local bookstore in order to put together a portfolio of my work. Recently, however, my publishers came through and a package arrived in the mail containing these hardcove beauties.

Of particular note is the book The Science of Hydro and Wave Energy. This was one of the first books I wrote for an American education packager, and it was a significant departure from my earlier non-fiction books. Written for a high school audience and featuring eighty pages, I was able to really get in depth on the subject, and I was really proud of what I wroge.

So, these covers are books 49, 50, 51, and 52. My Goodreads Profile lists a grand total of 66 publications to my name, although one is a compilation of my first three fiction novels, and another is a short story Erin and I contributed to a fan anthology, so I believe I have 64 books in the wild. The author copies of these have not arrived yet, and a couple of titles arent due for release until September. I also have a bunch more that haven't appeared on my Goodreads profile, yet. I have officially lost count of the number of books that I've written, but I am pretty sure that I'm over 70.

Onward to 100...

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