The Most Awkward Car Trip Across America

Another question I have about the U.S. Election...

I know Electoral College voters are real people. Back in the day, they were selected to travel across the country to Washington to cast their vote for the President and Vice President. I'm wondering if they still do that, or if, given the pandemic, they'll have to do it by Zoom Meeting.

But my main question has to do with those states (Maine and Nebraska) who divide up their Electoral College votes, awarding two for the winner of the state-wide vote, and one for each congressional district, depending on how each district voted. In Nebraska, Congressional District 2, covering most of Omaha, voted for Biden while the rest of the state went to Trump.

How do they travel to Washington? How awkward is the ride as four Nebraska Republicans and one Nebraska Democrat slip into an SUV and strike out along the I-80? Do the three Maine Democrats stick the Trump Republican in the back of the pick-up truck?

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