Space Colonies Group Chat, 2151 CE


This was composed by Eldest Child and Erin after reading over the latest drafts of The Sun Runners, The Cloud Riders, and my short story, The Phases of Jupiter.

This contains spoilers for The Sun Runners, The Cloud Riders, and The Phases of Jupiter, so if you're really not into that thing, turn away now...

Space Colonies Group Chat:

Mercury: OMG! The Earth has collapsed! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?
Mars: Capitalist hellscape?
Venus: Zeppelin co-op boards?
Ganymede: Er, guys?
Mercury: So, hypothetically, how would we feel about survival cannibalism?
Ganymede: GUYS!
Asteroid Skows: Right, Venus? Mars? We're moving in!
Venus: Eh, we'll make it work.
Mars: You did hear us say, 'capitalist hellscape', right?
Asteroid Skows: So, Mars: you planning on shooting all of us while we go kamikazi on your biospheres?
Mars: Okay. We'll make it work.
Ganymede: Guys, aliens are real.
Venus: What?
Mars: What?
Mercury: What?
<Ganymede has left the group chat>

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