Storm Building


Some volatile weather this week in southwest and south-central Ontario. Barrie was hit by a small tornado earlier this afternoon. Well, we say small, but it was certainly large enough to do some significant damage to a number of homes. Fortunately, I haven't heard of any serious injuries.

We had one person post an impressive video of the tornado on the ground. And while it was impressive, and it might be helpful to Environment Canada in cataloging it, I have to say as a man with in-laws in Nebraska that, should you ever find yourself within two blocks of a tornado, _take cover immediately_. Get to the lowest level of your building, find yourself an interior room with no windows, and sit against the wall. Seriously, the man in the video was filming in front of a sliding glass door. Someone from the American Midwest is already imagining a branch being picked up and sent straight through that window, and where would that man be then?

I've found that the people of the American Midwest take tornadoes far more seriously than we do. Their public buildings have signs showing you where to go when a tornado comes near. They respect the power of these things. We don't. And as climate change expands Tornado Alley to the northeast, we're going to run into more encounters like this, and people are going to get hurt.

Take care, people. These things may be impressive to watch, but the full experience goes way beyond that, and we can't handle that.

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