This Was Always Going to Happen (On $2/Litre Gas Prices)


(Image courtesy Global News)

I hear tell that gasoline in Canada is heading up and passing $2/litre. I haven’t noticed too much because my car is electric.

But I won’t be too smug. I do remember to foofaraw when gas hit $1/litre. And the $2 pricetag to fill a tank is some serious hardship for people who need their cars to get to work, and who have bills to pay, groceries to pick up, and all the rest. You can blame it on Russia, but that’s little consolation to those here where the price hikes hit hardest.

But I have two points here — or, rather, two parts to one point. First, if we have to draw oil, we should be doing so from Canadian sources — the fields of Alberta, in the Maritimes, and what’s left of the fields of Ontario (yes, we’re still pumping, believe it or not). It gives dictators less of a hold over us and, when prices are high, our gas money at least go into Canadian pockets.

The thing is, though, that this event was always going to happen — if not because of a shooting war at Russia’s borders, or conflict in the Middle East, just by the simple fact that oil is finite, and I’m pretty sure we’re past Hubbert’s Peak. The price was always going to go this high and higher; it was only a matter of time.

The only way we can ensure that such an event doesn’t hurt Canadians on the street is to reduce our reliance on oil full stop — not foreign oil, all oil. Because we simply can’t count on the supply. We can count on the supply of renewables like solar, wind and hydro, and we can do nuclear. We can conserve. We can take public transit, bike, walk, and drive electrics. It has to happen.

And the sooner we make it happen, the less such events will shock and hurt us.

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