The Rise and Fall of the Scarborough RT

One of the challenges in maintaining the Transit Toronto website is that it's both a history and a living document. The TTC is a growing, changing, developing organization that's been around for 100 years, and the city it serves is also growing, changing, and developing. So, what this means is, you can write a lot of history, and then find that history becomes out of date.

So, it's an odd feeling to write these revisions to my history of the Scarborough RT, now entitled The Rise and Fall of the Scarborough RT. This has been a story I first noticed developing when I was a child, and I've followed the growth and development of this transportation oddity throughout my adult life. It has been, for reasons I cover in the article, a controversial project, and that controversy has been replayed a number of times. Today, however, fresh from announcements that the line would shutter in Autumn 2023, I can put a final bow on the story, which you can read here.

What can I say about this chapter in the development of public transit and the neighbourhoods of Scarborough about a piece of technology that, in some ways, became a distraction and, arguably, something of a failure? A lot, as it turns out. I hope you like the revised article.


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