Coming January 31, 2023:
Simon Sort of Says, by Erin Bow

I'm really proud to give a shout-out to my wife Erin, whose latest book will be published by Disney (in Canada, the publisher will be our good friends at Scholastic -- a pre-order link will come as soon as it's available). I've had the great pleasure of seeing this book grow and develop, and it's wonderfully quirky, funny and, at times, heart-rending. You really should make some time and pick up a copy when it comes out.

The back copy is as follows:

Ask Simon O'Keeffe why his family moved to tiny Grin And Bear It, Nebraska, and he'll tell you they were driven out of Omaha by alpacas.

In Simon's version of the story, a blessing of the animals went sideways, his dad got fired from his church job, and the whole family moved to the National Quiet Zone, where the internet and cell phones are banned and astronomers scan the sky for signs of alien life.

And sure, that's all true. But there's another story, too-a story about a locked classroom, an active shooter, and a media cycle that refuses to let Simon go, even years later.

But Simon doesn't want to be known for that story. He just wants to be Simon: a twelve-year-old in high-tops and a Minecraft hoodie whose biggest claim to fame is that time his dad accidentally gave a squirrel a holy sacrament.

Moving to the last town in America where no one can Google you is a chance for Simon to start fresh. To rewrite the narrative. And with the help of two new friends, a service puppy in training, and a giant radio telescope, he's determined to say something new.

You can see a close-up version of the cover here! Congratulations, honey!!

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