The Queen is Dead. God Save the King

So ends the Second Elizabethan Era.
In my opinion, Queen Elizabeth served with honour, grace and distinction. There can be no one better. Thus, it seems to me to be a perfect time to retire the monarchy, at least in Canada.
That said, I believe we have to keep our Governor General position intact to act as our Head of State. Or, at most, convert it into an Irish-style presidency. This keeps our prime ministership in perspective: the head of state speaks for Canada; the prime minister serves it.
Of course, changing this would likely require a constitutional amendment, which means votes in the House, Senate, and at least seven provinces who together comprise at least 50% of Canada's population -- or possibly all ten provinces.
But I think most Canadians respected Elizabeth. They were less keen on the monarchy. As an age ends, I suspect many will argue that the time has come for change.
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