Snow Falling


You just know the snow is serious when you get a knock on the door and you see three kids outside, bearing shovels. Still, you had to appreciate the industriousness of these kids, especially as they waited patiently as, behind the closed door, me and my family raced around to try and find cash to pay these kids to save us from having to shovel our driveway and sidewalk. The perils of a cashless society.

Though, when I opened the door, one of these young'uns said, "Would you like us to shovel your driveway for ten bucks? Five?" I let out a chuff, like I'd been kicked.

I wanted to say, "Dude! This is the heaviest snowstorm of the season, so far! And our driveway is HUGE! You're selling yourself way too short if you charge anything less than twenty dollars, since a twenty-dollar bill is just so easy to hand over."

But I didn't. I said, "sure", and they finished it with remarkable speed. And I paid them $25. In loonies and toonies because, as I said, the perils of a cashless society.

I asked: they couldn't take cheques.

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