Stand by Me and Classic Culture


So, one of the things that wrankles most about growing old is how much the pop culture of your childhood is turned into "classic" culture. It's like, for a GenXer, the music of Buddy Holly and the Beatles is ancient history, whereas Kate Bush is the anthem of your generation growing up. What do you mean Kate Bush's Running Up that Hill is now classic rock? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT WAS RELEASED ALMOST 40 YEARS AGO?!

Anyway, we have a diner in Kitchener-Waterloo called Mel's that leans into classic 50s chic, with posters of classic movies like Attack Of the 50ft Woman adorning the walls. Photos of classic movie scenes and actors like Cary Grant adorn the sneeze shields between the booths.

Which brings me to the photo above taken of the divider between our booths at Mel's and why I'm tagging Wil Wheaton on this toot (originally composed in Mastodon). Wil, you may recall, is an actor, a tech personality and all-round decent guy known for portraying young Wesley Crusher in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Recently Mel's has been updating themselves. Not the look -- everything is reassuringly familiar and the food is good -- just the movies they've chosen. Like this scene, from the film Stand by Me, starring Wil Wheaton.

I can only imagine how it might feel to find your face suddenly on the walls of a themed diner that recalls a classic era.

Then again, he happens to be a few weeks younger than me.

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