Silver Anniversary

james-and-erin-wedding-photo-3.jpegTwenty-five years ago from this moment, I was probably being ferried about, having photographs taken, and doing a whole bunch of other activities getting ready to walk down the aisle to get married to Erin. It is hard to believe that a quarter century has passed. As with most momentous events on one's life, looking back on it seems like yesterday, and forever ago simultanously.

So much has happened since that time. Two kids. Two houses. Several books. Grandparents who passed away. There have been triumphs and hardships and frustrations about how the world is.

But the fact that Erin is here gives me hope and comfort. She has been the bedrock of my soul, and I cannot imagine life without her. Whatever happens, as long as we're together, we'll be okay (fingers crossed).

I love you, honey! Here's to the next twenty-five years.

Today, we're celebrating by attending Much Ado About Nothing at the Stratford Festival, and going out to a dinner for two in downtown Stratford. It's not that fancy; we got these Stratford Tickets for $15, thanks to this being the cast recording session of the play (they need to make sure the seats are full, and attendees have to agree to be on camera). We've not managed to make an extravagant life, but we've made a good one, with plenty of things to enjoy together, and that's something I'm quite proud of.

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