Roller Coaster

You may not be surprised to learn that it's been kind of crazy here, such that I've not been able to write on this blog, or post in social media all that much. Frankly, it has been a crazy roller coaster here. There have been a lot of developments, some of them really good, some of them really bad, and not many that are middling. Even though the trajectory of our lives here has been mostly good, the intensity of these past few weeks has been such that it's drained a lot of energy out of all of us. I'm frankly grateful for the amount of writing I have been able to do.

At the end of January, my father was hit with a stroke. Very fortunately, we caught it early enough that the hospital was able to administer clot-busting drugs and he was able to regain a good 95% of his mobility the next morning. In the weeks that followed, there was an operation to ensure that the stroke didn't happen again, and then there was rehab. My father came back home on March 11, but still has to deal with some cognitive issues that mean no driving, and a fair amount of support at home. This is the new normal that takes a lot of energy to manage (including doing his laundry and getting him to his medical appointments), but I am very, very grateful that things are as they are, because they could have been much, much worse.

There are highs to go with these lows, but some of these I can't report on yet, or I can't report on them here, but let me say again that it has been an intense couple of months, and I feel we've been running it flat out. I'm taking Monday off to head into Toronto and just use transit. I need to take a walk I need a chance to breathe. And then I can come back to this new grind.

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