The Sun Runners Cover Reveal

The Sun Runners CoverHere's a good thing that I can announce!

The Sun Runners, my YA science fiction novel that I've been writing these past few years, now has a home, an ISBN, a publication date (November 12), and a cover, thanks to Edward Willett, editor at Shadowpaw Press in Saskatchewan, and Bibliofic Designs (who, incidentally, have also designed the cover of Robert J. Sawyer's upcoming novel, The Downloaded). It also has a page on Amazon, though I highly recommend you reach out to your local independent bookstore and order it there.

I really love this cover, and I'm very pleased that Bibliofic Designs will be doing the cover for the accompanying anthology, Tales from the Silence. Work is coming together well on this anthology, with most of the guest stories submitted, and most of my stories ready (there's just a couple more that have to be finished up). I'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign in early-to-mid April to help production along, and give people a chance to pre-order copies, and I expect there will be plenty of work getting both books ready, and preparing for the publicity.

It's exciting to think about publicizing a new book once again. I'm proud of The Sun Runners. I think this book has really come together during the years I wrote and rewrote things. It's always scary sending your story out into the world to be judged by your readers, but I like this book. I found the darker tone to be a good challenge for me, and I like the characters. I hope you'll like the universe I set up of Future Earth. This series started with the opening line of, "For as long as she could remember, Her Highness the Crown Princess Frieda Koning had wanted to be an engineer", and it just didn't stop, until I encompassed Venus and Mars, and got a number of my friends and colleagues together to fill in the gaps. It's been a fun sandbox to play in, and I hope you'll enjoy these sandcastles of mine and my friends when these books are released on November 12.

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