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  1. Christian Privilege
  2. Sometimes I Wish God Used a Clue Bat
  3. The Fall of Fred Phelps
  4. Vivian Stops Believing in the Tooth Fairy
  5. Put Your Faith in God, my Boys, And Keep Your Powder Dry
  6. Your Own Personal Apocalypse
  7. On the Latest Dispatch by Fred "No Fun" Phelps
  8. Your Morning Smile
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  12. Not a Pro-Life Decision
  13. Canadians Pay Lower Income Taxes Than Americans
  14. Charles McVety Embarrasses Christians Everywhere
  15. Russia Invades Georgia
  16. Eleanor Grace Isabella's Baptism
  17. No More Compromise
  18. The Dream King's Daughter Passes 40,000 Words
  19. Religious Dementia
  20. The Golden Compass: the Poop hits the Fan
  21. Ouch.
  22. Jerry Falwell (1934-2007)
  23. The Next Waco or Jonestown?
  24. Religion is not God
  25. The Hypocrites and the Pharisees
  26. Talk About a Music Mix
  27. What War on Christmas?
  28. On the Catholic Doctrine on Birth Control
  29. Let They Who Are Without Sin...
  30. Forgive The Liberals, Lord; They Know Not What They Do.
  31. Harry Potter and the Fear of Christians
  32. That's Me in the Corner, Owning my Religion
  33. Worth Commenting On
  34. Vivian Katherine's Baptism
  35. Greyfields Illustrated
  36. On Offense and Religious Violence
  37. God is a Comedy Writer
  38. The UnChristians
  39. The Moment I Realized I'd Left Reality and Was Now a Resident of Cloudcookooland V
  40. Defending the Way to Eden...
  41. An Act of God?
  42. Fingers Crossed
  43. Local PBS Commercials Versus Federal
  44. The Religions' Right to be Wrong (in our opinion)
  45. The War is Over. Let the Struggle Begin.
  46. God Does Play Dice With the Universe
  47. Rescuing Christianity from the Apocalypse
  48. Revelation
  49. Practicing Catholicism
  50. The Three Way Partnership
  51. Redeeming Judas
  52. Faith and Hope
  53. There's Still Hope...
  54. Jay Currie is a Bigot?
  55. Righteous Anger Made Easy
  56. God Is On No One's Side in Politics
  57. I Don't See the Connection
  58. Bats in the Belfry
  59. Providence
  60. Salvation For A Dollar
  61. Biting Bullets for God
  62. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence V - Is Philip Pullman Really So Anti-Christian, and Why Do I Care?
  63. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence IV - Did Philip Pullman Really Kill God?
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  65. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence II - Normal People (a.k.a. The Silent Majority of Christians, among others)
  66. Reviewing His Dark Materials Sequence I - Philip Pullman's Universe
  67. Monster, monster, MONSTER movies!
  68. The Feel-Good Week of the Year
  69. Anglicans and Predestination
  70. Prophesy vs. Free Will