Urban Affairs Archives

  1. On Heritage LRTs
  2. Giving NIMBY a Bad Name
  3. No...! No what?
  4. It's the Little Things that Count...
  5. Reflections on Humber Bay
  6. Smile If You're Riding Minnesota's LRT
  7. Zephyr and Starlight
  8. Only 16 TTC Flexity Streetcars from Bombardier To Come This Year.
  9. Don't Not Do It, Just Do It Right
  10. How Do We Solve a Problem Like UPX?
  11. Making the Best of a Bad Decision
  12. An Uber PR Problem For Toronto Taxis
  13. Streetcars and Cheesesteak
  14. This Street is Made for Walking
  15. A Summation of Ontario's Transit Policy
  16. The Night Girl Acknowledgements
  17. Sacramento Dreaming
  18. The Trans-Border Express
  19. What's Wrong With the TTC?
  20. Amazing. I did not think it was possible to make this building uglier.
  21. The Surprisingly Useful White Elephant
    (On the Union-Pearson Express)
  22. Whoop Up
  23. The Conversation We Did Not Have
  24. Chair Seiling Upends the Table (on Waterloo Region, Cambridge and the LRT)
  25. The Pendulum Swings From Side to Side, Never Going Forward
  26. Good Idea, Bad Idea
  27. The Naming Fad
  28. Power
  29. No Surrender. No Retreat.
  30. Clever Vandalism
  31. This McDonalds is Not Abandoned
  32. The TTC Skidaddler
  33. The Story of the Mall that Committed Suicide
  34. What Makes Toronto a Good City, Revisited
  35. The Last Northlander
  36. The Ruins of Budd
  37. Under the Rainbow Bridge
  38. Toronto Transit After Hours
  39. The Man I Was - III
  40. The Fall of the Northlander?
  41. So Big, and Yet So Small
  42. The Man I Was II
  43. Put Your Faith in God, my Boys, And Keep Your Powder Dry
  44. A Question of Marketing
  45. Ford Doesn't Scale
  46. The Coffee Shop Gap
  47. The Profits of Privatization
  48. The Point of Compromise
  49. The Rise and Fall of CN's Turbo
  50. Ford and His Allies Discover Good Taxes
  51. Streetcars and Subways Are the Same Thing
  52. Hyperbole and Axes to Grind on St. Clair Avenue
  53. Who You Calling Incompetent?
  54. Dispatches From Other Blogs
  55. On the Union-Pearson Air Rail Link
  56. Kitchener-Toronto VIA Trains Add Stop at Malton
  57. Traffic Education
  58. An Open Letter of Apology to Councillor Karen Stintz, Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission
  59. Why Transit?
  60. I am not Anti-Subway, I am Pro-Transit
  61. The Hill He Chose to Fight On
  62. It Takes a Big Man...
  63. On Top of Mount Trashmore
  64. A New Identity
  65. Why Waterloo Region Needs an LRT
  66. The Difference Between Political and Partisan
  67. A Dose of Fiscal Reality
  68. Fiscal Inanity and Arrogance
  69. Rossi's Tunnel Vision. Rossi's Gift.
  70. An Open Letter to Rocco Rossi
  71. Run, Tory, Run!
  72. On Waterloo's Roundabouts
  73. Your Morning Smile
  74. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ontario?
  75. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Toronto?
  76. George Smitherman Keeps it Simple, Makes it Stupid
  77. In Praise of Mall Playgrounds
  78. Artificial Lightning in Philadelphia
  79. On the TTC Riders' Strike this Friday
  80. Combating NIMBYism in the K-W LRT Debate
  81. Farewell Mayor Miller
  82. The Importance of 'Wasted' Space
  83. Clock Ticking on Toronto's Streetcar Deal
  84. On Waterloo Region's Car-Dependency
    Part 3: The Bad News
  85. Human Shields on the Gardiner?
  86. How Long Does it Take for Suburbs to Disappear?
  87. On Waterloo Region's Car-Dependency
    Part 2: The Good News
  88. On Waterloo Region's Car-Dependency
  89. A Local Venture
  90. Ah, but could Goodyear Rubber have prevented this accident?
  91. Updates and Thank Yous
  92. Why Me? Why LRT?
  93. Dear Dalton McGuinty: Show us the Money!!
  94. GO comes to Cambridge? Greyhound goes to Hell
  95. Fuel Prices: How We'll Adjust
  96. The Long and Winding Day
  97. Oh, How I Love to go up in a Swing!
  98. Terrorism in Toronto's Subway... in 1985
  99. Toronto: Whose Fault is it?
    Part VI (Conclusion): Bill Davis
  100. On the TTC Strike, ATU Local 113 and Essential Services
  101. Toronto: Whose Fault is it?
    Part V: Bob Rae and David Petersen?
  102. Toronto: Whose Fault is it?
    Part IV: Mike Harris and Ernie Eves?
  103. Toronto: Whose Fault is it?
    Part III: Dalton McGuinty?
  104. Being Partisan Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry
  105. Toronto: Whose Fault is it?
    Part II: Mel Lastman?
  106. Toronto: Whose Fault is it?
  107. The Death of the Suburban Dream?
  108. Remembering the Canary
  109. Exhuming Taddle Creek
  110. Making PATHs
  111. My Speech to the Assembled at the Rocket Riders Forum on the Queen Streetcar
  112. "Expert" Advice?
  113. The Case for Howard Hampton
  114. The Names of Things IV
    Ontario Highways Edition
  115. An Open Letter to Royson James
  116. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gardiner
  117. Mediocre Media Against the NDP
  118. I Get Letters...
  119. This City Lives
  120. Politicians to City: Drop Dead
  121. A Long Life, Well Lived. Honest!
    (Ed Mirvish, 1914-2007)
  122. McGuinty Busts it Open
  123. Italo Calvino and Me
  124. Does Anybody Remember Blinky?
  125. Yet Another Toronto-based Political Blog, But...
  126. David and Goliath
  127. Strange Bedfellows Indeed (Harper and McGuinty Seduced... by Transit)
  128. Portrait in Bubble
  129. The Rise of Willis Way
  130. Elected to do Mostly Nothing
  131. The State of Waterloo's Economy
  132. Waterloo Region Ponders Reforms
  133. Jane Pitfield Brakes For Bad Drivers
  134. Driving Airport Road (Mono Road)
  135. To the True End of Yonge Street X:
    The End(s).
  136. Brantford Turns a Corner?
  137. To the True End of Yonge Street IX:
    The Great Divide
  138. To the True End of Yonge Street VIII:
    Drivers' Paradise
  139. To the True End of Yonge Street VII:
    The Downtown that Mel Built
  140. To the True End of Yonge Street VI:
    Suburban Gateway
  141. Accidental Spaces
  142. To the True End of Yonge Street V:
  143. To the True End of Yonge Street IV:
    Heart of Yonge
  144. To the True End of Yonge Street IIIa:
    Why is Temperance Street So-Named?
  145. To the True End of Yonge Street III:
    In the Shadow of Other Streets
  146. To the True End of Yonge Street II:
    At the Beginning
  147. To the True End of Yonge Street
  148. I Was Thinking of James Howard Kunstler...
  149. The Problem of Public Transit III: Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic
  150. Mike Filey's Ninth Toronto Sketches Reviewed
  151. Why Mess With (Near) Perfection?
  152. The Moment I Realized I'd Left Reality and Was Now a Resident of Cloudcookooland VI
  153. The Court Jesters Speak the Truth
  154. The Problem of Public Transit II: Not Spending Where it's Needed, Not Needing Where it's Spent
  155. Walking for Wendy
  156. The Problem of Public Transit I: The Silent Necessity Grows Louder
  157. Jane Jacobs (1916-2006)
  158. The Eleventh Province Revisited
  159. Greyfields Illustrated
  160. Three Restaurants
  161. Erin Reads at the Brantford Armouries
  162. The Don Lands Rise At Last
  163. You Can't Go Home Again...
  164. You Don't Know What You Got Until...
  165. I Hear Tinfoil Works Well...
  166. The National To-Do List
  167. Throwing Caution to the Wind
  168. Quick Hits - February 17
  169. Oh, Dear God.
  170. On the Forsythe
  171. There's Something Happening Here...
  172. Carnage
  173. Quick Hits - January 2
  174. Bound for the Discovery Channel...
  175. Uptown Waterloo Receives Free WiFi
  176. Time to Talk Trash
  177. Patriotism Really is the Last Refuge of the Scoundrel
  178. So, what was that about peak oil?
  179. The Conservatives Are On Their Trolley
  180. The Passing of King Fahd
  181. Integrity
  182. The Mystery of the Lost Heads
  183. The Conservative Critique Ia - Urban Affairs Redux
  184. The Conservative Critique I - Urban Affairs
  185. The Stories of the City
  186. April Fools III
  187. Eating in America ("I [don't] feel [so] good!").
  188. Hope For Weston
  189. "OCAP Setting a Poor Example"
  190. Our Last Best Chance to Control Our Future? IV
  191. Road Hog
  192. Our Last Best Chance to Control Our Future? III
  193. Our Last Best Chance to Control Our Future? II
  194. Our Last Best Chance to Control Our Future?
  195. Why Cities Matter
  196. Falling Down
  197. Blame Canada!
  198. Unfortunate Connotations
  199. Eulogy
  200. Distinguishing the Candidates
  201. How to Spend a Billion Dollars Without Really Trying
  202. Can You See Me?
  203. Patience...
  204. Top Blogs!
  205. Monorail Redux
  206. Monorail! Monorail! Monorail!
  207. What Provincial Investment Means to the TTC
  208. Our Next Cities III - What's Coming Next
  209. Free Advice For Our Prime Minister
  210. Our Next Cities II - The Cycles of Planning
  211. Our Next Cities I - The Arrogance of Planners
  212. The Uptown
  213. Big Day Today
  214. Election Day Speculations
  215. Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood.
  216. In the Year 2525
  217. Bad News For Eves: No Clear Winner
  218. The Belle of Eden Mills
  219. The Dance of the Daring Automobiles
  220. The Little Train that Couldn't
  221. Shrink Toronto Council?
  222. Facing the Future
  223. Putting On Your Public Face
  224. The Use of Space
  225. An Open Letter to the Mayor of the City of Kitchener
  226. The Pearson-Union Rail Link
  227. Chicago's Circle Line
  228. Broken Windows, Broken Dreams
  229. My Town - A Sense of Optimism
  230. My Town - A Sense of Similarity, A Sense of Difference
  231. My Town
  232. The Names of Things II -- So, You Want to Rename Your City...
  233. The Names of Things
  234. To Toll or Not to Toll?
  235. My Home Town
  236. Our Municipal Fall Guys
  237. The Federal Government Ignores Our Cities, Again
  238. Protest is Good for You
  239. Drivers Flow Like Water
  240. What Makes Toronto a Good City
  241. Whither the Sheppard Subway
  242. Greyfields: Coming Soon to a Mall Near You
  243. The Spadina Streetcar/LRT
  244. Lament for Detroit
  245. Liberals Lack Lustre
  246. The Village of Weston is Dying
  247. Transit: the Silent Necessity
  248. Reasons for Optimism
  249. Burn Some Here, Save Some There
  250. Not the World Cup.
  251. Toronto Should Be Canada's 11th Province
  252. Toronto's Official Plan
  253. Power to the Cities
  254. My Subway Fantasy
  255. Overheating in Ontario's Cruel Spring
  256. Why Two-Tier Regional Government Works
  257. The Box Store Paradox
  258. Maybe it Shouldn't go into my Backyard?