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  1. The Last Signalmen
  2. Glitter and Gold
  3. The Day in Denver
  4. My 2015 in Movies
  5. Right! I'm In!
  6. The Maze Runner
  7. Ex Machina, What I'm Writing, and Things
  8. Pacific Sunset
  9. The Year of Strange Luck
  10. The Machine Stops
  11. On Harvey Weinstein and Snowpiercer's North American Distribution Model
  12. Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!
    Snowpiercer Reviewed
  13. Assorted Thoughts on a Sunday Morning.
  14. How Frozen Should Have Ended
  15. On Movies and Writing
  16. Frozen Reviewed
  17. Random Thoughts on the Day of the Doctor and 3D
  18. An Extended Ending for Thor 2
  19. The Beach at the End of the Line
  20. The World's End Reviewed
  21. Elysium Reviewed
  22. Your Worst Day, Ever...
  23. An Honest Assessment of What Star Wars Really Is
  24. The Best Thing. Ever. Full Stop.
  25. Peter Jackson, Keep Your Powder Dry
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Reviewed
  26. Supersonic Zombies
    On the Movie Adaptation of "World War Z"
  27. What If They Showed a Movie And Nobody Came?
  28. You Sank My...!
  29. Quick Hits - April 30
  30. The Hobbit Trailer
  31. So, Who Killed the Electric Car? (Movie Review)
  32. Now This Movie Looks Like it Won't Suck...
  33. I'm Afraid I Can't Do that Dave... I mean, Sam...
    (Moon Reviewed)
  34. Y2K: The Sequel
  35. Happy Birthday Italy!
  36. Brief Comments on Where My Life is Today
  37. Coraline, the movie, reviewed.
  38. The People Behind the Politics in the Canadian Blogosphere - Week 3: Comfort Movies
  39. Sex! In! Spaaaace!
  40. The Golden Compass: the Poop hits the Fan
  41. Thank You All For a Wonderful Launch
  42. Plan '79 From Outer Space (Starcrash Reviewed)
  43. A Bit of Blog Criticism...
  44. To the True End of Yonge Street IIIa:
    Why is Temperance Street So-Named?
  45. The Real Superman III
  46. Why I Will Not Go to See the Da Vinci Code Movie
  47. Quick Hits - February 17
  48. Quick Hits - January 17
  49. Harry Potter Grows Up
  50. A Grand Day Out
  51. So Many Movies, So Little Time
  52. Getting to the Bottom of Things (the Core Reviewed)
  53. The Conservatives Are On Their Trolley
  54. Close Encounters of the 9/11 Kind...
  55. Miyazaki's Moving Castle
  56. Ideas that come in the night that, in the cold light of day, make you glad you don't own a juicer:
  57. For Douglas
  58. Kutcher, Hilton star in Casablanca Remake
  59. Things to Look Forward To
  60. Eating in America ("I [don't] feel [so] good!").
  61. Incredibles Assemble!
  62. A Disaster in Every Sense of the Word. Cool.
  63. Fright Night
  64. Ouch!
  65. Brace Yourself Florida
  66. On Seeing the Promotions for Halle Berry's Catwoman...
  67. Princess Mononoke
  68. Castle in the Sky
  69. Burning Down the House...
  70. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  71. Follow Ups
  72. Each Harvest is a Disaster That Did Not Happen
  73. The Night of the Kiwis
  74. Line of the Night
  75. Arr! Pirates of the Caribbean Reviewed
  76. The Extended DVD Phenomenon
  77. The Twenty-First Century's First Masterpiece
  78. Important Books
  79. Fear of Dishevelled Strangers
  80. Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla
  81. Hurray for the Huorns!
  82. Whale Rider
  83. The Hulk's Last Fifteen Minutes
  84. Ang Lee's Hulk Reviewed
  85. "It Is the Sound of TREACHERY!!!" -- League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Reviewed
  86. Somewhere... Beyond the Sea
  87. Matrix Re-Reloaded and Others
  88. Two Towers Are Coming
  89. Matrix Reloaded
  90. Theatre Ticket Prices Dropping?
  91. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
  92. My Big Fat Greek Blog Post
  93. Eomer, Son Of...
  94. Cutting the Heart Out of a Good Movie
  95. The Soul of Harry Potter?
  96. Yes, Indeed: A Towering Achievement
  97. The Extended Fellowship Reviewed
  98. A Night Beneath the Towers
  99. One Movie to Rule Them All
  100. The Chamber of Secrets at the Frederick Twin
  101. Place and Mood
  102. Monster, monster, MONSTER movies!
  103. Layouts and Momentos
  104. Signs Reviewed
  105. One Ring to Rule Them All...
  106. Hope For Spring?
  107. The Young City and The Bias Against Fantasy