The Unwritten Girl - Synopsis


"It won't be easy, Rosemary," said Puck. "You will face dangers only your imagination could dream of."

"I don't have an imagination," said Rosemary.

"Of course you do. What else would be attacking you?"

Rosemary Watson is seeing ghosts -- not spectres that rattle their chains, but strange characters that fold out of existence as though they were made of paper. Stranger still, these characters seem somehow familiar, and they want something from her.

When her older brother Theo comes home, Rosemary realizes she is not the one who has lost her mind. But who has stolen her brother's sanity, and what must she do to get it back?

With the help of her new friend Peter McAllister and her otherworldly guide, the faerie shapeshifter Puck, Rosemary must face the storybook perils of the Land of Fiction, and learn to open her heart, before it is too late.

The Unwritten Girl is a literary adventure for ages nine and up. Read an excerpt.