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The Cloud Riders

Cloud-Riders-Cover.jpgA companion novel to The Sun Runners
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Samantha Dekker knows who she is and where she lives. She is a cadet studying to be a police officer like her famous father for the Venusian Police and Rescue Forces. She lives in gigantic Zeppelin cities circling over fifty kilometres above the planet Venus. With the Earth having gone silent seven years before, taking the life of her mother, she's focused on her career, and her friends.

Until an asteroid scow falls from the sky, and Samantha's cadet crew catches it. It's a shocking mystery. People haven't journeyed between the planets since the Earth's shuttles stopped, Even more shocking is who is aboard: a young man from Mars, whom Samantha knew as a pen pal up to a year before. Fleeing strife at home, he's run to another planet for safety. And Samantha promises him safety; after all, who would cross hundreds of millions of kilometres to attack a young man? But Mars proves her wrong.

Sam's life will be upended as she defies her family, her school, and her planet to take her friend Pandorian back to Mars and face down the forces that reached out across planets to attack.

The Sun Runners


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Adelheid Koning was only 23 when the bombs started going off and the Earth fell silent. To help the stranded colonists of Mercury survive, Adelheid made hard choices -- ending up wearing an iron crown as queen of one of the rail cities that circle Mercury, moving fast to stay in the darkness. Sixty years later, Adelheid's granddaughter Freida is a 17-year-old princess who would rather be an engineer. Frieda's life is shattered when a suspicious accident takes both her hands -- then turned upside down when her mother dies, leaving her a young and vulnerable queen, locking horns with Adelheid, who is now regent and dowager. When Earth makes contact again, Frieda is eager to end Mercury's isolation, but Adelheid is suspicious of Earth's desperation. With thousands of lives on the line, is it wise to hope for healing? Or are we forever defined by what we do in the dark?

The image is entitled Sunrise on Mercury and is by Walter B. Myers. It is used with permission.

The Dream King's Daughter

Dream Kings Daughter
Photo Our Dutch Waitress, by MD Winkler. Used in accordance to his Creative Commons Licence.

Aurora Kelso is 15 when she realizes she’s been living a dream - literally. Her job waiting tables at a truck stop, her childhood in small-town Saskatchewan, even her name: none of it is real. But the real reality seems to include thunderstorms made out of crows and monsters made out of grocery bags. Aurora’s got only one thing going for her: all her life she’s been able to read people’s dreams by looking them in the eye. Armed with this uncomfortable ability and accompanied by her dream-less friend Polk, Aurora sets off to find her mother, the psychologist who wiped her real memory, and her father, the King of Dreams.

The Dream King’s Daughter is a novel for children and young adults aged 12 and up. It is an action-oriented urban fantasy set in rural Saskatchewan.