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  1. Launching this September: The Night Girl
  2. Red Maple Nomination
  3. Books 49, 50, 51, and 52
  4. Ups and Downs
  5. I'm getting tired of still having to deal with this crud...
  6. The Return of Amazing Stories
  7. Hanging Out With the Dream King
    The Dream King's Daughter Becomes My Sixth Published Novel
  8. On the Need for an Integrated Transit Plan
    Part 1: Expand the Inter-City Bus Network
  9. Contemplating Failure, Seven Years Later
  10. One Year Later
  11. Remembering When Ontario Was an Oil Power
  12. Books #43, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48
  13. The Places Where We Remember
  14. Good Places to Write in Toronto - The UPStairs Lounge
  15. Off to Ottawa
  16. The Anti Cookie Monster
  17. On the Death of VIA Rail
  18. On Pockets
  19. On Ontario's Reinventing the Wheel
  20. Canada's connection to the past is being degraded
  21. On Meeting Gordon Korman
  22. The Curator of Forgotten Things Goes Shopping
  23. On Kitchener in Bloom
  24. End the Agreement
  25. Fixing Fixed Incomes
  26. Where the Wasps Were
  27. It's important to stand up for the truth
  28. The Porcelain Anniversary
  29. How Stupid People Threaten the World
  30. Books #39, 40, 41 and 42
  31. Many, Many Thank Yous
  32. It's the Little Things that Count...
  33. The Chastened Society
    Or, What is Reverse Steampunk?
  34. Another Column From the Post...
  35. Latest Columns
  36. On Bakka-Phoenix Books and the Life Long Passion
  37. The Blue Fireman
  38. The Attack of the Narratives
  39. Dedication
  40. Run, Boy, Run!
    The Sun Runners Soundtrack
  41. Smile If You're Riding Minnesota's LRT
  42. Welcome, Swan Riders!
  43. Happiness is a Cold Nose
  44. Of Buses and Streetcars
  45. Books #36 & 37
  46. The Writing Life
  47. Brand Extension
    A Short Harry Potter Fan Fic
  48. Desk Photographs
  49. Author Photographs
  50. Things I've Written Lately
  51. The Guy and the Girl Who Lived...
  52. Books 33, 34 & 35
  53. Things I've Written Lately
  54. Farewell to the Office
  55. Post #3000
  56. Smellorama
  57. Ex Machina, What I'm Writing, and Things
  58. The Mystery of the Missing Water
  59. Just Remember that Somebody Had to Consider the Possibilities
  60. Throne of Scorpions
    Erin Bow's The Scorpion Rules Cover Revealed
  61. My Thoughts on the Plot of Frozen Fever
  62. The Art of Scorpions
  63. Thirteen Years Ago Today
  64. Books 26, 27 and 28
  65. On a Life Turned Somewhat Upside Down
  66. Just What Cats Need...
  67. The Last Two Weeks of Summer
  68. Assorted Thoughts on a Sunday Morning.
  69. Ruth Graham is Embarrassed that You Like Young Adult Novels So Much.
  70. Descendant of the Dinosaurs
  71. Cue Angry E-mails In 3... 2... 1... Ah, here we go...
  72. Updates for May
  73. My Birthday, the Universe and Everything
  74. You've Come a Long Way, Baby!
  75. The Curator of Forgotten Things
  76. Why, Thank You!
  77. Big and Little
    The Time of the Doctor Reviewed
  78. "Giant Inflatable Santas Unite Neighbourhood's Christmas Spirit"...
  79. Maple Blossoms, by Vivian
  80. Power
  81. Fall Deepens
  82. Blue Sun, by Vivian Bow
  83. What I've Been Writing Lately - Fall Equinox Edition
  84. The Thrill of Embarrassment
  85. The Beach at the End of the Line
  86. What I've Been Writing Lately
  87. An Educational Toy
  88. This Blog is Not Abandoned
  89. A Poem
  90. In the Sun
  91. Jealousy
  92. Someone is Watching Me
  93. Hulk vs. She Hulk
  94. The Forgotten Tax Number
  95. The Things that Pop In My Head
  96. Whither Self-Publishing (and Fan Fiction)
  97. Six Books Down, Two to Go
  98. How to Write Four Books in a Month
  99. News
  100. Nocturnal Revisions
  101. Nocturnal Adaptations
  102. The Waiting Game
  103. So Big, and Yet So Small
  104. The Man I Was II
  105. Echoes and Fingerprints
  106. And Now For a Little Cross-Promotion
  107. News You Do Not Want to Print...
  108. Having breakfast at the corner of King and Dufferin.
  109. Attack of the Zombie Lego Hordes!
  110. A Groundhog Day Resolution
  111. The Ballet Dancer and the Karate Kid
  112. The Year of Anticipation
  113. Monday Happenings
  114. Coffee Communities
  115. Irons in the Fire
  116. Reputable Since...?
  117. Tick Tock Goes The Clock...
  118. Brevity's Soulful Wit
  119. An Inspiration For Icarus Down
  120. Plain Kate Wins the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award
  121. The Parliamentary Trains
  122. A New Identity
  123. Erin's Good Week (In Spite of Strep Throat)
  124. The Names of Things V
    When Isaac Became Simon, and Vice Versa
  125. Contemplating Failure
  126. Thank You Centennial
  127. The Seeds of Doom: Doctor Who's Best Thump
  128. Schadenfreude Pie, Schadenfreude Pie...
  129. Um... Who's Driving? (The Story, I Mean)
  130. Why I like Scrivener
  131. The Other Bow Book Release
  132. On the Latest Dispatch by Fred "No Fun" Phelps
  133. I am Supporting Impoverished School Libraries in California
  134. The Parent Trap
    (Why there are so few Parents in YA Literature)
  135. On Rule 34
  136. Patricia Wrightson (1921-2010)
  137. South of Union
  138. The Best Places to Write in Waterloo Region
  139. It Was One of Those Mornings...
  140. Shortcuts to Success
  141. The Nightmare Queen
  142. The Best Places to Write in Toronto
  143. The Year of the Red Jellybean
  144. Artificial Lightning in Philadelphia
  145. Vivian Katherine's Fourth Birthday
  146. The Zombie Handkerchief
  147. Behind the Scenes in Toronto's Financial District
  148. How to Write a Book in Ten Days
  149. Writing Update From Lincoln
  150. Towards a New Point of View
  151. "The Dream King's Daughter" and "Plain Kate" Win Major Ontario Arts Council Grants
  152. The Aftermath of Creativity
  153. The Geography of Storytelling
  154. Wrestling with Glorfindel II: Three Makes a Crowd
  155. Thank you Rockway!
  156. Quick Hits - February 23
  157. Mustang Pride
  158. On Researching Historicals
  159. Works in Progress
  160. WAHOO!!!
  161. What I'm working on...
  162. Why Does Improving a Story So Often Involve Grievious Bodily Harm to the Characters?
  163. If I Had a Million Dollars...
  164. Book Blogger Appreciation Week
  165. Wrestling With Glorfindel
  166. Preparing for Eden Mills and The Young City
  167. Planning Out My Next Few Months
  168. Terrorism in Toronto's Subway... in 1985
  169. The Secret Prudes
  170. Bohemian Renaissance
  171. Driving Through a Winter Wonderland
  172. On Political Venom, Part II
  173. I'll See Your Meme, and Raise You One
  174. How to Write a Book in 19 Days
  175. Heading to the OLA Super Conference
  176. Top Ten Signs You're Reading Something by James Bow
  177. Carousel
  178. Sex! In! Spaaaace!
  179. The War on the Holidays
  180. A Travelling Man (HA!)
  181. What's the Word? And What's Next?
  182. Movable Type 4.0 Reviewed
  183. A Writer's Interlude
  184. Mackerel Skies
  185. Working Madly
  186. The Baby Pictures Still Exist
  187. I Have Coldplay in my Pants!
  188. On the Town of Boone, Iowa
  189. Bizarre.
  190. A Question of Anonymity
  191. Quick Hits - May 25
  192. Waterloo-Wellington Blogstravaganza Invitation
  193. I'm Just Talking About Washington, Man!
  194. What if Steve Jobs was President... or, What if the President was Steve Jobs
  195. Quick Hits - March 8
  196. Love Your Characters (or The Unwritten Books: Where Do We Go From Here)
  197. Portrait in Bubble
  198. Doctor Who is Back!
  199. The Night Girl Passes 20,000 Words
  200. All I Want for Christmas is...
  201. In Conversation with Kenneth Oppel
  202. Fairy Tales in Secret
  203. What the Founding Fathers Were Thinking
  204. The National To-Do List IV: Electoral Reform.
  205. Vivian Katherine's First Birthday
  206. The Night Girl, the Next Morning
  207. Jorane: The You and the Now
  208. The State of Waterloo's Economy
  209. Suddenly, I'm a Blogging Expert
  210. Driving Airport Road (Mono Road)
  211. The Kids Are All Right
  212. Making Water Bloom in the Desert
  213. Under Construction (and a Meme to Tide Us Over)
  214. The Unwritten Buzz
  215. Worth Commenting On
  216. Toner Memories
  217. On Canadian Coffee, and the Other Tim's
  218. Mayday! Mayday! (Quick Hits for May 1st)
  219. Jane Jacobs (1916-2006)
  220. Greyfields Illustrated
  221. Three Restaurants
  222. Credit to Other Writers
  223. Erin Reads at the Brantford Armouries
  224. Writing News
  225. Four Years of Blogging
  226. Four on the Floor!
  227. Smart (Alec) Cards
  228. Fun Election Tool
  229. The Missing Placesetting
  230. In Between Dirty Diapers
  231. 23 + 5 = ?
  232. Brilliant!
  233. The Hurricanes Go Greek
  234. The Poor Woman of the Ikea Parking Lot
  235. What's the Word?
  236. Isis of the Check Out Line
  237. Interesting Tidbits
  238. More Writing Progress
  239. You're Welcome
  240. Remembering Hurricane Juan
  241. The $1L Gas Problem (Like the Y2K problem, except with gas)
  242. The Passing of King Fahd
  243. Canada: The Manual
  244. Aw, Crap!
  245. Postcards from the Dead
  246. Best. Field Trip. Ever.
  247. Speed Bumps Ahead
  248. At the CMPA Conference in the Old Mill
  249. The Barons of Suburbia
  250. A Toronto Oddity?
  251. Tim Horton Wins
  252. Ideas that come in the night that, in the cold light of day, make you glad you don't own a juicer:
  253. Writing Update
  254. A Safe Bet
  255. April Fools III
  256. Sitting by a Coffee at the King Charlotte Timothys
  257. Revelation
  258. What I'm Working On
  259. Living on my Writing.
  260. Irons in the Fire
  261. Things Are Not Slowing Down, Though They Seem to Be...
  262. Fads As Only Schools Can Form
  263. How to Act Like An Opposition Party
  264. Kent Mansley, I Work For The Government...
  265. The Day I Went to Sleep
  266. Workshopping Sealwife
  267. Things You Don't Expect to See Reported in the Toronto Media
  268. New Orleans is in Play
  269. Plot, Subplot, Superplot
  270. And the Secret Code to Disable the Defence Shield Is... Is... 1-2-3-4-5
  271. Writing Thoughts
  272. More Visitations
  273. Tallying Your Winnings
  274. Follow Ups
  275. Answering Google's Questions
  276. Unfortunate Connotations
  277. Cool James Koole
  278. She Needs to Talk
  279. New Year Resolutionaries
  280. Fairy Tales in Secret
  281. Grace (and Writing) Under Pressure
  282. She Rode Into My Life on a Tricycle
  283. Most Palestinians are Civilians Too
  284. Why Proofreading Is Hard
  285. Nothing Here to Fear
  286. I Write Like a Girl!
  287. Writing For Coffee II
  288. A Character Meme With Audience Participation
  289. I Like the Sound That Rain Makes
  290. Writing for Coffee
  291. The Moment I Realized I'd Left Reality and Was Now a Resident of Cloudcookooland II
  292. Sitting in the Starbucks of Chapters Waterloo
  293. In the Food Court of the St. Jacobs Factory Outlet Mall, One Saturday Afternoon
  294. Sitting in Krispy Kreme, After Stopping at the Bank
  295. In the Food Court of Kitchener's Market Square, Before the Morning Shift - II
  296. How Old Are You?
  297. In the Food Court of Kitchener's Market Square, Before the Morning Shift
  298. What Do Your Characters Carry?
  299. An Interesting Literary Award
  300. Assorted Questions for May Day / Writing and Birthdays
  301. A Barn Can Have a Horse in it.
  302. All of Us Were Scared...
  303. The Joys of Spring / Why Fantasy is Written
  304. Trenchcoats and Wish Lists / Science Fiction and Fantasy's Clashing Toolkits
  305. Science Fiction and Fantasy Come With Their Own Toolkit
  306. April Fools II
  307. The Sound of Silence
  308. I Feel Most Like Zeus When...
  309. The Path of Creation
  310. Writing Secret #421
  311. Writing News (Not Mine)
  312. At Sunset in a Nameless Town
  313. Building a Universe From Scratch
  314. The Boundary Between the Beginning and the Middle
  315. Aftshadowing
  316. What Makes Toronto a Good City
  317. Sunday Writing Quiz
  318. When Metaphors Attack!
  319. Pringles, Spam and Books
  320. Place and Mood
  321. The Purpose of Free Writing
  322. We Weren't Supposed to Go There
  323. Friday Five on TV
  324. My can of Coca-Cola is red.
  325. Words With Just One Beat
  326. Thanksgiving in October
  327. Words on a Friday Afternoon
  328. Another Letter From the Emperor!
  329. The Weekend and This Week
  330. You Want to Write? Read.
  331. And Now For Our Sponsor... A Talentless Hack
  332. It's Getting Better All the Time
  333. Boys of Summer
  334. Apologies
  335. Still Writing. Still Cleaning.
  336. Blogs About Fiction? Meet Fictional Blogs
  337. Saturday Six
  338. Toronto Trip and the Trillium Awards
  339. There's This Book I Haven't Written Yet
  340. Fiction Saturday
  341. April Fools!
  342. Gel Pens
  343. Writing Longhand
  344. We've Got Balls
  345. Dan Kukwa and Writing in Bronte