Icarus Down Archives

  1. Unboxing my Aurora Award
  2. Icarus Down Wins 2017 Prix Aurora Award for Best YA
  3. Icarus Down, Aurora Award Nominee
  4. Icarus Down Nominated for Saskatchewan's Snow Willow Award
  5. Icarus Down: Quill & Quire Review, Launch Parties, and Upcoming Ottawa Event
  6. Many, Many Thank Yous
  7. Icarus Down Figurines!
  8. The Chastened Society
    Or, What is Reverse Steampunk?
  9. Icarus Down Arrives!
  10. My Name is Simon Daud, And I Was Never the Special One
    (Icarus Down Excerpt Now Available)
  11. On Bakka-Phoenix Books and the Life Long Passion
  12. Dedication
  13. Run, Boy, Run!
    The Sun Runners Soundtrack
  14. Look Who Had their Name in Lights at the Bologna Book Fair!
    Icarus Down Cover Reveal...
  15. Author Photographs
  16. What Revision Looks Like
  17. My Fourth (Published) Novel
    (Icarus Down Purchased by Scholastic Canada)
  18. In the Sun
  19. Simon's Charming Faith
  20. My Next Big Thing? I Hope So.
  21. Drawing Breath
  22. Icarus Down Passes 100,000 Words
  23. Awkward Visitors (Further Revisions to Icarus Down)
  24. Doing the Twist
  25. The Man I Was - IV
  26. News
  27. Eleanor Grace's Fourth Birthday
  28. What Made Me Smile Today
  29. Monday Happenings
  30. Irons in the Fire
  31. An Inspiration For Icarus Down
  32. The Lives of the Real Ships Icarus
  33. The Names of Things V
    When Isaac Became Simon, and Vice Versa
  34. Contemplating Failure
  35. Contemplating the End of the World
    (Icarus Down rewrite passes 75000 words)
  36. Simon the Pilot becomes Simon the Postal Clerk
    (The Icarus Down Rewrite Passes 45,000 Words)
  37. What is Steampunk?
  38. Remembering Rachel
    (Icarus Down rewrite passes 18,000 words)
  39. Craftsmanship
  40. Brothers in Arms
    (A New Opener for Icarus Down)
  41. Icarus Down: Should Simon be a Pilot or a Postal Clerk?
  42. Icarus Down: My Sixth Novel
  43. Simon Falls
    (Icarus Down Passes 75,000 Words)
  44. Climbing into the Light
    (Icarus Down Passes 65,000 Words)
  45. Suspicion
    (Icarus Down Passes 50,000 Words)
  46. Escape Artist
    (Icarus Down Passes 45,000 Words)
  47. A Little Bit of Subterfuge
    (Icarus Down Passes 40,000 Words)
  48. World Building (Icarus Down Gains a Soundtrack)
  49. Battery Boys
    (Icarus Down Passes 29,000 Words)
  50. The Analog World
    (Icarus Down Passes 27,000 Words)
  51. Bridge to Nowhere
    (Icarus Down Passes 20,000 Words)
  52. Nocturn
    (Icarus Down Passes 10,000 Words)
  53. Icarus Down Passes 5000 Words
  54. How to Write a Book in Ten Days
  55. Towards a New Point of View
  56. Icarus Down