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  1. The Fourth Computer
  2. I'm on the cutting edge! Oh, wait, I just nicked myself...
  3. What the Heck, Facebook?
  4. The Hand and the Eye
  5. Hey, Whatever Works, Right?
  6. Apple OsX Stops a Windows Trojan Over the Phone
  7. Google Drive Versus Microsoft OneDrive
  8. OsX Mavericks Mail Problems with Gmail
  9. Just When You Thought Pop-Ups Couldn't Get More Obnoxious
  10. My Blackberry is not Working!
  11. Apple Workarounds
  12. Kitchener's Growing Wi-Fi Presence
  13. Gadgetted Out (For Now)
  14. To Cut the Cord, or Not to Cut the Cord...
  15. Playing Princess
  16. First Post - Ten Years Later
  17. Battery Blues
  18. For Reference, the Sign Refers to Two Separate Items, Not One...
  19. Trying Times
  20. The Coming Death of Blogs
  21. Excuse the Mess...
  22. Thoughts on the iPhone, Two Months Later
  23. On Matters Apple and Movable Type
  24. Why I like Scrivener
  25. A New Look
  26. Convergence
  27. Again With the Scourage of Comment Spam
  28. Oh, Beautiful iPad. Why I Won't be Buying Thee
  29. In Honour of the Late, Great Freddy Mercury...
  30. Tornado Power!
  31. Rural Fantasy
  32. Another Reason Why eBooks Won't Replace Print Media Utterly
  33. Roam No More
  34. Happy Birthday Italy!
  35. The Replacements
  36. Where are the Flying Cars? Why, Right Here, of Course!
  37. Ah, but could Goodyear Rubber have prevented this accident?
  38. "From Financial Family Seven, we have the Adherents of the Repeated Meme."
  39. "Oh, Look!" says God. "A Challenge!"
  40. Apple is the Future
  41. The Geek Starts Here
  42. Quick Hits -- April 17
  43. Look How Far We've Come
  44. Another Sign that the Human Race Might Be Too Stupid to Live
  45. In Which I Sing the Praises of My Webhost
  46. Six Years Conversing Among Friends
  47. The Second Christmas
  48. Well, That Didn't Go As Well As Planned
  49. The Good and Bad of Apple
  50. A Very Odd Definition of Courage
  51. Blogging from Lincoln, Nebraska
  52. Radio CBOW
    Monster iCarPlay 200 Wireless FM Transmitter Reviewed
  53. The Fall of the CD and the Rise of DMCA
  54. Wherein I Kick Warren Kinsella's Butt!
  55. iTypos
  56. Domain Unavailable... For Now
  57. Quick Hits -- October 29
  58. The Epic, Fifty Question, Are You a Big Geek, Test
  59. Comment Registration on Bow. James Bow. Here's how:
  60. Long Live the New King
  61. Get and Give a $188 Laptop this Christmas
  62. Some Issues With Apple
  63. Movable Type 4.0 Reviewed
  64. A Writer's Interlude
  65. The Only Time I Will Ever Use the Words 'Paris' and 'Hilton' in a Post
  66. In Which I Run an X-Rated Site
  67. The Squee Factor
    (Utopia Reviewed)
  68. Bizarre.
  69. Jump, Science! Jump!
  70. Italo Calvino and Me
  71. A Question of Anonymity
  72. Quick Hits - May 28
  73. How Andre Boisclair Could Have Avoided Defeat
  74. Netiquette 2.0 (The Code of Conduct)
  75. An Open Letter to Greg Sorbara and John Tory
  76. I'm Just Talking About Washington, Man!
  77. The Y2K38 Problem
  78. Fathom Five Page Proofs Arrive
  79. Justice Must be Blind, But it Should Still Make Sense
  80. Optics and Reality
  81. Fear Her. And Fear the BANPC (Yeah, Right)
  82. Where Are All the Lonely People? Not in the Blogosphere!
  83. Two Against One: Firefox/Thunderbird versus Seamonkey
  84. The Slow Death of Feedback
  85. Short-Sighted Conservative Thinking
  86. Further Thoughts on the Canadian Blogosphere
  87. The National To-Do List IV: Electoral Reform.
  88. The Hunt for the Elusive Free Wifi Hotspot
  89. GoDaddy and Movable Type Do Not Mix
  90. Reviews Taken and Given
  91. Excerpt From the Very Last Episode of Dora the Explorer
  92. So Long, Pluto!
  93. And Then There Were Twelve...
  94. Finally, Blogging Pays Off!
  95. Movable Type 3.3 Reviewed
  96. The Importance of Being James II
  97. Apology Accepted
  98. The Unwritten Girl Literature Unit
  99. Why I Will Not Go to See the Da Vinci Code Movie
  100. Just Wing It, Baby!
  101. Phone Spam
  102. Living With Writers
  103. Calling All Waterloo-Wellington Bloggers
  104. Quick Hits - January 17
  105. $100 Laptop Unleashed
  106. Mother Earth
  107. OpenOffice 2.0 and Mac OsX
  108. James Bow Switches II (For Real, This Time)
  109. Retitling Rosemary and Time II
  110. What He Said.
  111. Movable Type 3.2 Reviewed
  112. Is it time for a Scottish DVD player?
  113. Odd Spam
  114. Quick Hits, Quick Comments
  115. Messianic Michael Ignatieff
  116. The New Doctor Who: Continuation or Reboot?
  117. At the CMPA Conference in the Old Mill
  118. Tim Horton Wins
  119. A little knowledge isn't dangerous... just a lost profit opportunity.
  120. What Harper Should Have Said
  121. It's All About Linkages
  122. A Safe Bet
  123. The $100 Laptop
  124. Who Am I?
  125. Bare Bones MP3
  126. Third Blog Birthday; 1000th Blog Post and News
  127. What Are You Doing Still Using Movable Type 2.6?
  128. Skweezer Is A Thief
  129. It Just Gets Worse for Lycos
  130. Going Over the Edge in the War on Spam?
  131. What a Bargain!
  132. James Bow Switches
  133. How to Act Like An Opposition Party
  134. Sharon Wins Gaza Test
  135. Ouch!
  136. Righteous Anger Made Easy
  137. Movable Type 3.1 Reviewed
  138. One Small Ship
  139. A Death in the Solar Car Movement
  140. I Rule the World
  141. The Twelve Percent Solution?
  142. Crashing Palm Pilots
  143. Thank you Movable Type!
  144. Friends and Comrades
  145. Red Room! Red Room!
  146. Movable Type 3.0 Reviewed
  147. Blame Canada!
  148. Not Sure What to Call This One
  149. I Don't See the Connection
  150. Technical Obsolesence Nonsense
  151. Tooker Gomberg
  152. Important Information About Movable Type
  153. Bats in the Belfry
  154. New Digs
  155. Snow Day for the Internet
  156. MT Blacklist Works!
  157. Fun With Google II
  158. Historical Interventions
  159. Coming Back Online
  160. Going to the Dreaming
  161. Groundwood Says No
  162. Interview with a VampBlogger
  163. Tech Drooling and More
  164. That's What It's All About...
  165. Spammers Getting Bitter?
  166. The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and ESPECIALLY Churchill Falls
  167. Portability For the Rest of Us
  168. Speaking Publicly to Your Diary
  169. IE on MacIntosh Problem Solved!
  170. Jam Cam!
  171. Struggling With Browser Compatibility
  172. Technical Developments
  173. Digital Alexandria Is Burning
  174. Browser Blues
  175. Be Careful With Your Defaults
  176. Internet Panhandlers? How about Internet Street Performers?
  177. Oh, You Have *Got* to be Kidding Me!
  178. Pringles, Spam and Books
  179. Happy Birthday, Moveable Type
  180. And Then There Were Eight...
  181. The Advantages of Movable Type
  182. Dwindling Hours
  183. BlogBuddy!
  184. Trying Mozilla One More Time
  185. Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!
  186. Nothing Magical About Blogging
  187. Pbbbbt to Microsoft
  188. Running Away From Microsoft