South of Dayton


I’m writing this in a hotel in the town of Springsboro, Ohio, south of Dayton. Dayton seems a picturesque town, but we passed quickly through on the Interstate. I didn’t get a chance to see the city’s (increasingly) unique electric trolley buses. But we’re off to see something bigger.

Erin has long desired to see a total eclipse of the sun, having missed the last Great American Eclipse when she was a little girl. This year, we grabbed the opportunity, buying a room in the path of totality north of Nashville back in June. Back then, Motel 6 rooms were around $90. Today, there is no place in Nashville on sale for less than hundreds of dollars.

It surely pays to plan ahead.

We are looking around for eclipse events around Nashville, but the weather looks like it’s going to be hot and clear on Monday, and our hotel parking lot will be in the path of totality all by itself. This alone should guarantee a show, and whatever happens on this visit, it will certainly be one to remember.

In other news, yesterday, Eric, Nora and I paid a visit to Stratford to listen to a Cape Breton band play pipe and fiddle and perform some step dance. The tunes were good, and the walk along the Avon was pleasant, but the highlight of the tour for Nora was stopping in the village of Shakespeare at a Mom-and-Pop ice cream stand. Some mighty fine ice cream and thick milkshakes there!


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